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"A beautiful place where great minds begin."

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Our Vision

ur vision is to create a school where children, staff and parents grow in their ability to learn and problem solve in a supportive environment guided by Montessori philosophy that creates happy, independent, confident, personally responsible and peaceful children."


Bella Montessori provides a Montessori educational program for children ages 6 weeks through 6 years. We are a year-round school and are open from 7 am through 6 pm.


We believe that the Montessori method of education provides the most effective and fulfilling way to guide a child through his early years, a critical period for learning and setting patterns which will last a lifetime. The Bella Montessori Preschool classroom community is a mixed age group where students are provided the opportunity to engage in purposeful and meaningful lessons through the guidance of a certified Montessori teacher.


The environment is fundamental to the curriculum in a Montessori school. Activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness inspire the child. The homelike quality of our school contributes to a relaxed, focused experience for the child, who may move freely between several different rooms.


Our outdoor environment offers a beautiful, developed playground with climbing structures, sand play, and picnic area. Bella Montessori’s goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the child to explore, create, and to bring out each of their own natural abilities. This is the basis for a Montessori education and it is what Dr. Montessori believed would help children reach their fullest potential. It is our fondest hope that we will instill a love of learning to last a lifetime.


What our parents have to say...

"Our children have gone to Bella Montessori Preschool for almost three years. The moment we toured Bella, we knew it was the place for our children to be! Ms. Shawna and Ms. Leslie have been a blessing to our family. They educate and love our children dearly. We have been amazed with the things we hear and see our children doing academically and socially. We know that Bella has prepared our children for kindergarten, we are truly grateful for our experience."


—Jason and Angie Means


"When I drop Liam off in the morning, I feel comforted leaving him at Bella knowing that he will be embarking on a great adventure that day.  When I pick him up, I love to see that smile on his face and I know the primary reason why he has that smile is because of the great care and love you two have shown him.  He is really progressing with his speech,  his social skills, and the like.  My favorite thing that you two have taught him is how to put on his coat.  It really warms my heart.  Keep up the great work and if anyone has a child ages 2-6, there is no better place in St. Charles County to send your  child to than Bella Montessori Preschool!"


—Jay Repaso


"We have several friends with children close to our daughter's age (3), all with their children in different preschools. I have yet to have one concern or complaint about Bella Montessori. In fact I can't stop saying good things about them. Our daughter attends three half days each week, at this time, and immediately I saw positive results from the choice we made in schools. Her speech, which she has had no problem with, greatly improved, as have her interest in learning her letters, numbers, and how to write. What I am most impressed about is her social skills. She is an only child and every where we take her we are complimented on politeness and general socialness. Ms. Shawna and Ms. Leslie are always very upbeat and very eager to help or give kudos to our daughter as well as give me suggestions on how to continue to improve her developing skills while at home. I feel very lucky that we found Bella Montessori Preschool!"


—Tara Dickherber


"What can I say about Ms. Shawna and Ms. Leslie? These ladies are incredible and have been such a blessing to our family. Both of them have loved and nurtured my children, my daughter from 3 1/2 to Kindergarten and my son starting at age 2. My daughter left Bella last summer highly prepared for Kindergarten. Her teacher has remarked many times on the fact that she can always count on Zoey to be attentive and a good role model in class.


My son was a challenge in the classroom with attention difficulties, and they have never given up on him. They've worked with him and with us to get him to a place where he has become a fantastic learner. They have supported and guided us through this adventure called parenthood and we will be grateful to them forever for the wonderful educational foundation our kids have received at Bella. Ms. Shawna and Ms. Leslie are both passionate about education and Montessori in particular and it really shows. We're so happy to have found Bella Montessori and would recommend it to anyone who is in search of a top-notch preschool environment for their child.


—Rob and Tracy Brooke



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